The Moodle "open" Book (module) project

Starting in mid-2015 this project is being initially funded by a USQ grant this project is aiming to enhance the Moodle book module so that it can be used to produce Open Educational Resources (OERs). There are four main steps in the project:

  1. Identify useful changes to the module by exploring how it’s been used, the experience of those using it, and the affordances the module does/doesn’t offer.
  2. Implement changes to the module in response to those findings.
  3. Test those changes on the 60+ Moodle book resources in the course EDC3100, ICT and Pedagogy.
  4. Contribute those changes back to the Moodle community and help encourage their adoption.

The hope is that this project will also be a vehicle for some research around the institutional implementation of e-learning. In particular, an exploration of how and with what impacts aspects of the LMS can be encouraged to break BAD as per Jones and Clark (2014).

In terms of “open”, the project is seeking to explore what happens when an existing institutional tool for creating learning material is modified to make it easier to release course learning materials into the open. Rather than produce a brand new tool that requires transformation from teachers, the aim is to start where teachers are now and evolve.

Current status

The project Github repository includes code that can be integrated into Moodle and will successfully push/pull content from the Moodle Book module to Github. The code still requires refinement before being ready for production.

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