Tilting at windmills?

Drucker on Adaptive vs Plan-driven

Peter Drucker from “The Effective Executive” “Most discussions of the knowledge worker’s task start with the advice to plan one’s work. This sounds eminently plausible. The only thing wrong with it is that it rarely works. The plans always remain on paper, always remain good intentions. They seldom turn into achievement.” “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” “‘Planning’

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Sun Tzu Strategy Quote

The essence of strategy is the close view of distant things and the distant view of close things — Sun Tzu My interest in emergent/agile approaches means I’m not a fan of strategy and/or strategic appraoches currently used in most business. I think there is possibilities to use this quote to bring out my disquiet

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Hello World

The obligatory first experience with any system by a programmer requires it to be to say “Hello World!”. So here goes.