Tilting at windmills?

Web 2.0 Course Sites and the organisational challenge

Derek Morrison raises the spectre of organisational response to the idea of Web 2.0 course websites. In part, this looks like the challenge of losing control facing IT support divisions and management. The open content nature of services like Google Video would create a related issue for academics. I slipped mention of self-organising systems into

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Google calendar as a component to Web 2.0 course sites

A post from Simon Fraser University talks about use of Google Calendar with some PHP code to manage calendars and bookings. Another potential application for Web 2.0 course sites – the study schedule as a Google calendar. Allow students to remix it with their own stuff…..lots of stuff here to think about and investigate.

Web 2.0 Course Sites

Thesis That Universities can provide a better quality, more reliable elearning service and, at the same time, repurpose resources away from low-level infrastructure resources towards higher-level customisation roles, by replacing the current model for learning management systems. The current model for course sites means that all content and technology used as part of course websites

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