A story about the failure of institutional eportfolios

In which I relate a personal story about how the one eportfolio I was required as a student to make on an institutional eportfolio system has now disappeared for good (to me) with no communication from the institution. I’m a long-term skeptic when it comes to institutionally chosen eportfolio systems like Mahara, PebblePad etc. Back

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It's making us stupid

A small frustration induced rant. Have finally gotten back to some reading around embodied and distributed cognition. Currently that involves reading “Supersizing the mind” (Clark, 2011) that includes quotes such as It matters that we recognize the very large extent to which individual human thought and reason are not activities that occur solely in the

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BIM testing and fixes

A journal of fixes and testing of BIM. Aim here is to address some minor issues with integration with my current institution’s Moodle instance thereby providing a minimum working version for installation. As per yesterday’s planning the hope is to make further changes based on this foundation. Result is a slightly tweaked version released via

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