An integrated OLE

The following is the next part of the evaluation section of chapter 5 of my thesis. It seeks to evaluate how well the Webfuse system fulfilled the guideline of “an integrated online learning environment” for the period 2000-2004. This is only the first section which talks about the provision of course sites. Subsequent sections will

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The following is a first draft of the next section of chapter 5 of my thesis. The aim here is to try and illustrate how the combination of the agile and adopted-focused development process of Webfuse, when combined with the design of Webfuse enabled the rapid development of “workarounds” that enabled the system to adapt

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Course websites and "libertarian paternalism"

Stephen Downes makes a valid point about my recent question about whether or not academics should manually create websites. I agree with his underlying point that academics should not be forced to use the institutional approach. Given any option I would not suggest such an approach. Incompetent paternalism However, at least within some Australian institutions

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