Adoption of Web 2.0

A post that looks at how/if the adoption of Web 2.0/eLearning will occur. Will they or won’t they?

The basic premise is that its usefulness and ease of use that will be the major factors. And that for Web 2.0 tools ease of use should be quite high. So it all comes down to usefulness.

It’s a reasonable assumption, but I am wondering how other factors will influence adoption rates. Is it just these two? Probably yes.

So this will be somewhat problematic for my idea of Web 2.0 course sites. What will be the perceived usefulness of this idea to individual academics. Not much. It’s more likely to appeal to management. It won’t even appeal to the sys admin type staff.

It will be a very challenging idea to encourage adoption of.

groups and networks

Must take a closer look at this. A video from Stephen Downes explaining the difference between groups and networks. Has some strong resonances with some of my vague thoughts about group work.